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Maine Regions for Real Estate

What area should I move to in Maine?

It's very common for Maine home buyers to want to purchase a "lake cabin in Maine" or a "waterfront home in Maine"...or a "traditional Maine village home" but not necessarily know what town or region in Maine that they want to live in. 

It's also common for second home buyers to want to live "within x miles from the Portland Jetport" or "within x hours from their primary home".

Each region in Maine offers a special lifestyle and something to explore. Below we break down the primary Maine regions. Note that many regions overlap some.

P.S. We've added a bonus region our Maine Island Communities. 



The Maine Beaches

Maine's Southern most coast area is known for white sandy beaches and quaint coastal towns. This area is ideal for those seeking the shortest drive from their primary homes in other states and the airports in Boston, Manchester and Portland are not too far away.  

Greater Portland and Casco Bay 

This is Maine's largest metropolitan area. Here you'll find a vibrant city experience, recreation, ample shops, dining experiences, art venues, the larger hospitals, job opportunities, and more transportation options than anywhere in the state. This area offers many opportunities to Maine residents and visitors. 


These area is truly quintessential coastal Maine.  Snug harbors full of classic sailing boats and lobster boats, panoramic water views, and ecotourism and traditional New England village architecture. Just inland you'll find expansive farmland, apple orchards and plenty of of hiking trails to explore. This region is about an 1.5 from the airports and offers many a good balance between city and rural life. 

Downeast and Acadia 

This region is home to the well know Acadia National Park and is known its rugged and rocky shoreline and coastal mountains. The coastal areas are a little more seasonal than some of the other regions but for those seeking an active summer region or year round natural beauty this may be your place. 

Maine Lakes and Mountains  

This is the westernmost area of Maine and the he mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountain range and includes the White Mountains. Outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, fishing, and canoeing are abundant year around. This area is fairly accessible from the other New England States.

Kennebec and the Moose River Valley:

Diverse landscapes and a variety of activities for adventure seekers and sportsmen make this region stand out. Here you'll find white water rafting and some of the best fishing and hunting. This is an ideal place to call home for those looking for quieter living, large tracks of land and accessibility to nature. 

Maine Highlands:

This region is in the center of the state and has so many of Maine's natural wonders. It's home to Baxter State Park (Maine's highest Peak) and Moosehead Lake (one of Maine's largest lakes). Outdoor recreation is abundant and the landscape breathtaking. 


This is a county that has a region all to itself. This is Maine's largest and northernmost area and is filled with rolling countryside, vast farmland (think Maine potatoes) and quaint communities which support its rural lifestyle. 

The Maine Islands:

Maine islands are special indeed. We have larger island communities which are serviced by the Maine State Ferry Service. Then there are the smaller islands which you will need to get to by private boat. 

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